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Textured Foil ChannAl Vacuum Bags

Our first-of-their-kind ChannAl Vacuum Seal Bags combine the benefits of vacuum sealing with the proteciton of Mylar/Aluminum foil.  ChannAl bags are more than 100x more effective at blocking moisture and oxygen than clear poly vacuum bags.

ChannAl bags have an exclusive textured surface, similar to Food Saver vacuum bags, that allow air to be removed during the vacuum cycle.

The current version of these bags works in High End Vacuum Seal devices (such as the Food Saver V4400 and most VacMaster vacuum sealers).  Lower end Food Saver devices will not seal these bags on the 1st try, as their heat seal mechanism does not get hot enough.  We are working on a version that will work in all FoodSaver machines!